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GMG Fitness


In June of 2020, GMG Fitness opened our doors to the public. We are thrilled to bring to you our boutique fitness studio!

We have thoughtfully designed the physical structure of our fitness center to provide impeccable services to everyone who chooses to work with us.  

Additionally, we have partnered with Matrix, our studio equipment suppliers to locate the most effective state-of-the-art equipment that provides a wide range of training capability without overwhelming the training space. 


Our studio core services are:

  • Personal Training

  • Indoor Cycle 

  • HIIT Cardio.  

We are actively working on introducing the following classes and/or sessions:


  • Caribbean theme Zumba class

  • Health and nutrition sessions

  • Partnership with a licensed female therapist for women only relationship enhancement sessions.


As we continue to navigate through this global pandemic, we also will continue to evaluate and add additional services whenever feasible.  

"No Challenge... No Change!"

Our Philosophy

 “Creating beautiful bodies and healthy lifestyles, by challenging you to create change.”

What is a beautiful body? 

Here at the GMG Fitness Studio, we do not define what a beautiful body is or should be.


As the client, YOU will determine what your beautiful body is and should be.  

Therefore, we will challenge and guide you every step of the  way while being your best advocate and support as you work to achieve your fitness goals. 

​Our trainers are some of the industry's best minds and our classes are taught by talented fitness instructors who test your limits and inspire results.

  • Everyone has a unique physical build.


Our bodies are not a one-size fits all. Our goal is to assist you to achieve the best version yourself.

My team and I are ready to help you reach your goals!


Meet The Team

Georgette McGregor

Georgette McGregor

Certified Personal Trainer

GMG Fitness

GMG Fitness

Boutique Fitness Studio

Di’Andrea Escalona

Di’Andrea Escalona

Certified Personal Trainer


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